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Available from Lockmasters
MBA USA BFL-1000 LED Borescope Light Source


Stinger Micro LED Borescope Light

Meet the next generation of rigid borescope lighting - Stingers. As the most compact light sources ever created, Stingers are designed to remain connected to your scopes while stored in the case so each of your scopes is always ready for use when you need it. With an overall light output comparable to a standard Mini-Mag light source, Stingers are bright enough for the majority of scoping jobs you're likely to encounter. With Stingers it's essentially like having a built in light source in each of your rigid scopes. Powered by inexpensive and readily available coin cell batteries, Stingers can operate for up to 8 hours between battery changes. Designed for ease of use in mind, Stingers can illuminate momentarily with only a light squeeze and turn off instantly when you lay the scope down or be rotated to stay lighted constantly.


Available from:

Available from Lockmasters
Available from MBA USA
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