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BFL-2000 Ultra LED Borescope Light Source


Our BFL series of light sources have long been considered the brightest borescope illuminators on the market and the new BFL-2000 further cements that reputation by pushing light output to unprecedented levels. This compact and portable light source eliminates the need to carry bulky AC powered light generators and the LED design eliminates the need for expensive bulb replacement. The BFL-2000 is also our first fully rechargeable light source and allows the use of regular CR123A batteries so you're never without power.


Additional Features:

  • High intensiity LED emitter
    • Offers over 100,000 hours of life
    • No expensive bulbs to replace
  • 4 Brightness Levels 
    • Low - 1%
    • Medium - 5%
    • High - 100%
    • Turbo - 400%
  • Compact Size
    • Length: 2.5"
    • Diameter: 1"
  • USB Rechargeable
    • Micro-USB Cable & Wall Charger (included)
    • Also compatible with standard CR123A batteries (included)
  • Extended Runtime/Battery Life
    • Low - 300 hours
    • Medium - 30 hours
    • High - 3 hours
    • Turbo - 1.5 hours


So how bright is the BFL-2000?


Other LED light sources advertise a "lumen" rating of the brightness measured directly at the LED emitter. Lumen ratings are useful for comparing the relative light outputs of flashlights but cannot be meaningfully applied to borescope light sources because they do not take into account how much light is lost between the LED and the tip of the borescope. The only light measurement that matters with borescope illuminators is how much light actually reaches the working end of the scope. Measured at the tip of a 7" Hawkeye borescope the BFL-2000 is actually 50 times brighter than a standard MiniMag light handle (150,000 LUX vs 3,000 LUX)! The unique lensing system in our BFL series of light sources is designed to efficiently channel the light output from the LED directly to the tip of the borescope. This system sets our BFL light sources apart from other flashlight based LED borescope lights and allows the BFL-2000 to be many times brighter while consuming just a fraction of the battery power.


The true measure of a good borescope light source is how much light reaches the end of the scope. Try the BFL-2000 yourself on your favorite borescope. You'll be amazed by the difference or we'll give you your money back!


Light Output Comparison - measured at tip of 7" HawkEye Borescope (in lux)

  • MiniMag        3k
  • Stinger        4k
  • Hawkeye LED    15k
  • ION-2        45k
  • BFL Mini    45k
  • BFL-1000 V1    50k
  • BFL-1000 V2    80k
  • ION-3        125k
  • Optim PLS    140k
  • BFL-2000    150k
  • BFL-2000 Limited Edition    200k


BFL-2000 Limited Edition

To mark our introductory release of the BFL-2000 we have produced a limited run of five "Limited Edition" lights. These BFL-2000 "Limited Edition" models have been specially calibrated to deliver 35% more light output than the standard BFL-2000 (200k versus 150k) making them by far the world's brightest handheld borescope illuminators. Each light includes a serialized certificate showing the light output measured during testing. This was a limited production run of five lights and will not be reproduced. 


Light Source Comparison Chart


BFL-2000 Instructions

BFL-2000 Borescope Illuminator

SKU: BFL2000
    • BFL-2000 Ultra LED Borescope Illuminator (1)
    • USB Rechargeable Battery (1)
    • Micro-USB Charging Cable (1)
    • USB Charger (120VAC-240VAC 50-60hz) (1)
    • Backup CR-123A batteries (2)
    • Battery Case (1)
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