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Need a drill point for a safe? Grab the Safeman's Ruler!


This handy measuring tool gives you quick access to drill point data for dozens of the most common safe locks yet is compact enough to fit in your shirt pocket or wallet. The magnetic backing allows the Safeman's Ruler to quickly attach to the safe door and the multi-sided design allows for precisely measuring both the vertical and horizontal components of the drill point without re-positioning the ruler. Keep one in your shop, one in your van and another in your wallet and you'll never need to call for a drill point again!


Drill Points Included:

S&G 6730/8400/8500 Lever Fence

S&G 6730/8400/8500 Borescope

LaGard 1800/3330/3332/3370/3390 Lever Fence

LaGard 1800/3330/3332/3370/3390 Borescope



Kaba-Mas Auditcon Deadbolt

Kaba-Mas Auditcon Slidebolt

Kaba-Mas Cencon Deadbolt

Kaba-Mas B52, LC, LCMX Slidebolt

Kaba-Mas X-07, X-08, X-09, X-10

LP/NL Rotobolt

LP/NL Half Lock

LaGard 33E/39E/66E/Smartlinc Deadbolt

LaGard Basic/33E/39E/66E/Smartlinc Swingbolt (solenoid)

LaGard Basic/33E/39E/66E/Smartlinc Swingbolt (motor)

S&G 2740/2740B

S&G 6120/6123

S&G 6124/6126/6128

S&G 6125/6127/6129

S&G Titan/Spartan Pivotbolt

S&G Titan/Spartan D-Drive

S&G Z-02/Z-03 Rotarybolt

S&G Z-02/Z-03 D-Drive

SecuRam SafeLogic Swingbolt

SecuRam ProLogic Swingbolt

SecuRam ScanLogic Swingbolt




Safeman's Ruler

  • 3-5/16" x 2"

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