Phoenix 4.0 Upgrade Kit   -  Currently backorded


Quickly and inexpensively transform your existing Phoenix machine to the new v4.0 model!


Order before May 31st to take advantage of our Special Introductory Pricing and save up to $200 on your upgrade!




Since the release of our very first machine in 2013, Taylor Technologies has continued to add new features and capabilities to the Phoenix tool while working hard to ensure 100% backward compatibility with each and every previously purchased Phoenix machine. We are proud of the fact that we have never obsoleted a single existing Phoenix tool. All newly released features are always available to every current owner without requiring the purchase of a completely new machine. In addition, the upgrade process is always designed to be a simple "do-it-yourself" process so you never need to send your machine in and always have it available for safe calls.



When ordering your Phoenix 4.0 Upgrade Kit it is very important that you accurately select your current Phoenix version number on your order. This information is necessary in order to properly determine what components to include in your personalized upgrade kit. The best way to determine your current version number is by powering on your Phoenix machine and noting the version indicated on the first screen. For additional reference, the following chart gives a quick breakdown of the major changes between the various versions and generations of the Phoenix tool -


Phoenix Version History

  • 1st Generation
    • Version 1.5  -  S&G 6120 Resets
    • Version 1.6  -  Keypad Testing, Lock Diagnostics & Programming
    • Version 2.0  -  S&G 6123 Resets
    • Version 2.2  -  Improved S&G 6120/6123 Resets
  • 2nd Generation
    • Version 3.0  -  "Black" Junction Box, Gen2 32-bit CPU, LaGard Basic/33E Resets
    • Version 3.1  -  S&G Titan & Spartan Resets
    • Version 3.2  -  "Red" Junction Box, Sentry Resets, LG Basic Plus Resets, LaGard 3045 Programmer, LaGard Internal Battery Resets
  • 3rd Generation
    • Version 4.0  - Touchscreen, Rechargeable, AMSEC ESL-10/20 Resets, LaGard 39E Resets, Ionic Spiking


4.0 Features:

  • Lost Code Recovery / Lock Reset (via keypad)
    • Models
      • AMSEC
        • ESL-10 (all years)
        • ESL-20 (all years)
      • Sentry Safe
        • SF Series
      • Lagard
        • LGBasic (green board)
        • LGBasic (blue board)
        • Basic Plus (up to current production - 3801, 3802)
        • LGCombo
        • ComboGard 33E, SafeGard 3650
        • ComboGard Pro 39E
        • 3801, 3802, 4200, 4200M, 3040, 3260, 3765
        • 2441 Mechanical Redundant
      • Sargent & Greenleaf
        • 6120 ('98 - '13)
        • 6123 ('98 - '13)
        • Biometric
        • Titan PivotBolt & D-Drive *
        • Spartan PivotBolt & D-Drive **
  • Lost Code Recovery / Lock Reset (via BAT port on lock case)*
    • Models
      • Lagard
        • AuditGard 66E
        • 6441 Mechanical Redundant
  • Lock Malfunction Diagnostics (Automated)
    • Models
      • Sargent & Greenleaf
        • 6120, 6123
        • Titan, Spartan
        • Z/02, Z/03
        • RotaryBolt
        • PivotBolt
        • D-Drive
      • Lagard
        • LGBasic, LGBasic II & Basic Plus
        • LGCombo
        • Combogard 33E
        • Combogard Pro 39E
        • Auditgard 66E
      • LP Locks
        • EL-20/25 Rotobolt
        • DB-20/25 Straightbolt
      • NL Locks
      • SecuRam
        • SafeLogic series
      • AMSEC
        • ESL-10/20
      • Sentry Safe
        • SF Series
  • Keypad Testing
    • S&G
    • Lagard
    • LP/NL Locks
    • SecuRam
      • SafeLogic
    • Amsec
      • ESL-10/20
  • Electronic Safe Lock Quick Reference - 2018 Edition
  • Drill Points - AMSEC, Kaba, LaGard, LP/NL, SecuRam, S&G
  • Ionic Spiking - LaGard, LP/NL, Amsec ESL-5
  • Lock Audit Reports
  • Command Interface - Save common service tasks for re-use later
  • Job Notes - record and review notes and details from different jobs
  • Lock Conditioning and Repair
    • Repair common drive nut issues with S&G 6120/23 series lock
  • *RED* Multi-Lock Junction Box
    • Directly connect locks from over a half dozen different manufacturers without special adapters or dongles and zero splicing
    • Safely connect to internally powered safe locks from any manufacturer
  • Integrated JumpBox Portable electronic safe lock power boost for overcoming binding or stalled solenoids and motors Integrated
  • Universal Emergency Keypad
    • Use the Phoenix as a universal emergency and servicing keypad for S&G, Lagard, LP, NL, Amsec, Sentry Safe and SecuRam
  • Keypad/Lock Communication Signal Conditioning
    • Lock not accepting codes? Simply plug the keypad and lock into the Junction Box and the Phoenix will automatically intercept and repair any faulty signals between the lock and keypad allowing the safe to be opened without drilling or parts replacement
  • Automatic Lock Identification & Feature ID
    • Just connect the lock and let the Phoenix automatically identify the exact make, model and version
    • Determine if a lock is deadlocking, solenoid blocking or motor driven from outside the safe
  • Automated Lock Programming and Setup
    • Eliminates time consuming, hard to remember keypad programming procedures
  • Time Delay and Dual Control Bypass (LaGard 33E / 3650)
  • Integrated LaGard 3045 Handheld Programmer
  • Quick and Easy Software Updates over USB
    • Update your Phoenix to the latest software release over the included micro-USB cable in seconds using our exclusive Phoenix Loader software
  • Emergency One-Time-Code (OTC) for rapid safe opening
  • Batch Resets
    • Quickly handle jobs with multiple lock outs at a single location


* Firmware Revisions 1 through 7

** STAR Mode only.


Click to download Phoenix 4.0 Datasheet



Phoenix 4.0 Upgrade Kit

Current Phoenix Version
    • Phoenix v4.0 Front Cover with integrated
      • TouchScreen LCD
      • 12V Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery Pack
      • Power Button
    • AC Charger (12.6V, 1A)
    • AMSEC ESL-10/20 Reset Adapter
    • Ionic Spiking Accessories
      • Ionic Spiking Solution (Type P) - Qty 1
      • 6" 3/32 Drill Bit
      • 6" Drill Tube/Depth Stop
      • 6" Injection Needle
      • Drill Depth Gauge
    • *RED* Multi-Lock Junction Box (AMSEC, LaGard, LpLocks, NL Lock SecuRam, S&G, Sentry)* (v3.1 and lower)
    • 32-bit Gen2 Motherboard* (v2.2 and lower)
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