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The JumpStart is designed to open electronic safe locks in situations where the operating code is known but fails to open the safe. The JumpStart contains a set of high power rechargeable lithium ion power cells which are boosted by an internal high current power regulator circuit to provide an instantaneous surge of power and a sustained output of over five amps. Testing has shown this powerful e-lock jump start eliminates the need to drill nearly 70 percent of malfunctioning electronic safe locks.

The JumpStart is specifically engineered to safely boost power levels without damaging the lock or keypad. The JumpStart works on all 9-volt powered safe locks and simply attaches to the existing battery terminals in the keypad in place of the normal 9-volt battery. Use the JumpStart to overcome cross-threaded drive nuts, stripped drive nuts, stalled motors, bolt side pressure, stalled solenoids, binding slides, defective keypads, damaged keypad cables and countless other e-lock malfunctions.



JumpStart Rechargeable E-Lock Power Boost

AC Charger

Hard Case


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