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The Hole Stretcher is the perfect solution for those times when you drill a safe and find that you’ve slightly missed your mark once you’re inside the lock case. If your ¼”drill bit is unable to remove the entire slide or blocking mechanism then the ¼” Hole Stretcher will allow you to open the existing 1/4" hole up to 3/8” inside the lock case without having to drill a larger hole through the safe door and hardplate. The Hole Stretcher features a 1/4" diameter end cutting carbide tip attached to a 6" long, 1/8" diameter shank. Slide the Hole Stretcher through the existing 1/4" hole in the safe door and apply cutting pressure in the direction that you need to remove additional material inside the lock case.


Other uses for the Hole Stretcher:

  • Drilling off Cencon and Auditcon lever pins
  • Drilling off the fence on mechanical safe locks
  • Drilling S&G 6120 motor housing to rotate armature


Click HERE to download instructions

Hole Stretcher 1/4" Bit

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