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Emergency Keypad Cables provide safe technicians a quick and easy method to splice a new or existing keypad into an electronic safe lock with a damaged cable. Each cable is manufacturer specific with a set of color coded “grabber” probes and designed to plug directly into factory keypads. Simply strip back the damaged cable, attach each probe to the corresponding colored wire then plug the emergency cable into your existing keypad in order to enter your code and open the safe without drilling.



AMSEC Cable – For AMSEC ESL-5/10/15/20

LaGard Cable – For most LaGard, LpLocks and NL Locks

S&G Cable – For S&G 6120/ 6123, Titan, Spartan, Z/02 and Z/03

Single Wire – For temporary repair of a single damaged cable wire

Magnetic Clip – Use to secure Emergency Keypad Cable to safe door


Download Instructions

Emergency Keypad Cables

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