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Advanced Electronic Safe Lock Service, Troubleshooting & Defeat (3-day) - FREE WORKSHOP


Instructor:         Ryan Taylor, CPS


Course Description:

This 3-day workshop is the industry's most comprehensive electronic safe lock training program. In-depth, hands-on coverage of electronic safe locks from manufacturers including Amsec, LaGard, LP/NL, Kaba-Mas, Sargent & Greenleaf and SecuRam. Attendees will learn lock identification, theory of operation, programming procedures, servicing methods, reset techniques, troubleshooting, lock defeat and drilling. Students will receive training on the latest diagnostic tools and servicing equipment and also have the opportunity to drill multiple electronic locks in a supervised classroom enviroment.


Locks Covered:



LaGard Basic 4200

LaGard Basic 4200M

LP Locks

S&G 6120 Series

S&G Titan/Spartan Series

SecuRam SafeLogic

SecuRam ProLogic

"Sentry" type home safes


Subjects Covered:

- Code changing

- Programming procedures

- Lock Identification

- Lock features

- Lock operation and function

- Model specific troubleshooting 

- Drill points

- Methods of defeat



Advanced Electronic Safe Lock Service, Troubleshooting & Defeat (3-day) 8/18

  • August 17-19, 2018

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