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STINGER Micro LED Light Sources - The world's smallest borescope lights!


New and improved!


Kit includes three (3) STINGER Micro LED Light Sources.


STINGER Micro LED Light Sources are designed to make it quick and easy to switch scopes at any point during a safe job by eliminating the need to stop and change over light sources. Just keep STINGERS attached to all the "go to" scopes in your scope case and they'll always be ready to go. STINGERS are brighter than a standard Mini-Mag but a fraction of the size. Rotate the STINGER head for constant on or push the end for momentary on.


Each kit comes with three STINGERS and two sets of replacement batteries.


Eight hour battery run time. 100,000 hour LED bulb life.

STINGER Micro LED Borescope Lights (3 pack)

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