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Safeman's Drill Guides give you the precise drill point locations of more than 50 common safe locks. The shape of the drill guides matches standard footprint safe locks and each guide includes a bolt direction indicator along with keypad/dial ring mounting holes for proper alignment. Position the Safeman's Drill Guide on the safe door and flip or rotate it to match the handing of the lock inside the safe. Use the existing keypad/dial ring mounting holes to ensure proper alignment then mark your drill point at the position indicated on the guide.


Guides are available individually or as a complete set.


Mechanical Locks & GSA :  Mechanical dial locks from LaGard, S&G, Mosler, Yale and GSA X-07/8/9, S&G 2740 locks

E-Locks 'A' :  Electronic safe locks from AMSEC, Globalok, Ilco, LP, NL and Sargent & Greenleaf

E-Locks 'B' :  Electronic safe locks from Mas-Hamilton, Kaba-Mas, LaGard and SecuRam

Safeman's Drill Guides

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