**UPDATED FOR 2018**

The new 2018 Edition of the Electronic Safe Lock Quick Reference includes more locks, more drill points and more identification and programming information! The 2018 Edition also features an integrated ruler along the edge of each page to make measuring drill points quick and easy.

Purchase the updated 2018 Edition and keep your original Electronic Safe Lock Quick Reference as a backup or trade it in to receive a $20 credit on future orders!*


The Electronic Safe Lock Quick Reference puts electronic lock programming, identification and drill point information right at your fingertips. Created by Ryan Taylor, this handy reference includes more than a dozen pages of high resolution images and concise instructions that show you exactly how to identify, program and drill the vast majority of modern electronic safe locks. Set includes (7) double sided 5x7 full color reference cards organized by manufacturer including Amsec, La Gard, LpLOCKS, Globaloc, Kaba-Mas, NL Locks, SecuRam and Sargent & Greenleaf. With the popularity of electronic locks, the Electronic Safe Lock Quick Reference is one resource no locksmith or security professional should be without.



Electronic Safe Lock Quick Reference *2018 Edition*

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